Toza is in Aguadulce, 45 minutes away from Los Olivos and host mangoes and limes. Aguadulce means freshwater, the legend has it that it had been named as such by Spanish sailors who after months of drinking salt water were happy to find a well of freshwater.  

Why is Toza important? Location, location, location.   The Panamanian authorities are currently planning the construction of a deep-water port to access the Pacific side as the only exit ports out of the country are located in Colon and Panama City.  

If You Grow it, they will eat it

The Farmer´s Hat

Did you know? The actual Panamanian hat you see around is not the Panama which is actually made in Ecuador.  The traditional hat here is called El Sombrero Pintado, the painted hat, and is usually worn by farmers. But it is not only a hat, it is actually a way for the men to express their mood or characteristic about their personality depending on how the brim is rolled.  

To give you but a few examples: 

  • Rolled brim in front and back is for successful men, also synonym of masculine beauty. 
  • Rolled brim in back is for intellectuals with large knowledge on a specific topic. 
  • Rolled brim in front is for womanizer or for man ready to conquer a woman´s heart. 
  • Both brim down don´t have any meaning, it is just to protect oneself from the ray of the sun. However if the hat is inclined towards the front of the face, it means that the person is sad or in struggle.  

The tradition is so strong that when a man who has been wearing this hat passes away, the family will buy a new hat to bury him with, while the family keeps the one worn as a sign of respect.   Hats off to you senior.

Knock knock, who´s there?

Working together with Mother Nature means that sometimes, you get surprises such as this beautiful tarantula who decided to inspect our new irrigation system.

“Why not go out on a limb? That´s where the fruit is.”