Story Time

How did it all start?

Alan’s a little bit country, Brian’s a little bit rock-n-roll.  Sometimes the adage of opposites attracts bodes well, even for business partners.  The Agronomist and the Wall Street investor. The former looking to create an industrial organic farming operation, the latter looking for an experienced large-scale farmer.  It only made sense that the universe would do its special thing, and that their paths would cross, both decidedly knowing that they wanted to become the largest producer and exporter of organic fruits and vegetables in the world.  Kind of neat really; two individuals, literally worlds apart, looking for the same thing: changing the world through farming.

Story Time

Well Prepared

Right Place Right Time

Luck favors the well prepared.  How do you get to achieve this world-class vision?  You create the Simply Natural Master Mind Table.  You start with a highly skilled team of business minds, plant biologists, microbiologists, mechanical engineers, system engineers, data scientists and agronomists.  Mix in a lot of heart, passion, soul, belief, and a little bit of luck.  In other words, you need a world-class team with the best technologies(hello SupPlant), the best environments to do it in (hello Panama), an internationally connected hub, with an amazingly bio-diversified climate, untapped land, and potential up the wazoo.