Los Olivos

Los Olivos

Los Olivos is the base camp to our field office, our packing facilities, our Learning and Development branch, the largest organic greenhouse in Central America along with our plantains and mangoes.  This is where it all started.

With the archeological dig site of “El Caño” located only a few miles away, and named “El Dorado of Panama” by National Geographic magazine, this area was chosen by our predecessors for its abundance of water and fertile soil to develop a world class agriculture trade location in ancient times.

Agua, the essence of life

A River Runs Through It

Rio Grande, literally meaning “Big River,” is considered a big asset to the area and the country.  It is the third largest tributary in the country, and it runs right through our plantation.

The Plantain is not a tree

The plantain is not a tree; it is a “monocot” and if you cut the trunk in half you would be able to see the leaves layered within.  It is vegetative reproductive, which means that the “mother plant” produces another one that we call “the son.”  This is very important as a plantain only produces one crop in its life time.

“A tree with strong roots
laughs at storms.”

– Malay proverb –