We respect the enviroment

It’s just common sense, isn’t it?

Organic farming tends to have better soil quality, who wouldn’t want that?? Organic farming generates less water and soil pollution.  Organic farming gives less greenhouse gas emissions and let’s not forget, it’s more energy efficient.

No plants were harmed here.  Organic farming gives us such a beautiful biodiversity of a plethora of things like plants, birds and even arthropods which can just do their pollinating thing, allowing a greater and more diverse biological control of those pesty pests naturally.

Because Organic Farming raises the biodiversity, we not only improve our crop efficiency and health, but we contribute to a better environment.  While most conventional farming slowly kills the biodiversity and the nutrients, organic farming fuels and feeds it.


Take a tree plant a tree

Reforestation is part of the company commitments to preserving the environment, and playing an important role in raising awareness.  We are so giddy about practicing conservation of our environment in Panama and have set some pretty awesome goals to reforest the surrounding mountain areas of our farms.  As a practice, we have a four to one rule for replacing any trees that are removed.

Quality means everything in planting. So, during our projects we have selected over six thousand pine trees to plant. This species will allow the mountains to repopulate themselves quickly, a process that naturally would take decades.  You know what’s so cool, pines are sun-loving trees, with a long-life span, typically reaching ages of 100–1,000 years.

Invite Only.  The Ministry of Environment loves what we’re doing so much with our initiative, they invited us to participate in their “Alianza por un millón” project.  They will work together with us to ensure our company reforestation program runs smoothly and successfully for many years to come

Check out the program here:


The essence of all life.

Water is a scarce resource and needs to be respected and cared for. At Simply Natural Farms, our collaboration with a top-notched Israeli company called SupPlant to obtain the most efficient Drip Irrigation System allows us to do just that, respect and care our most treasured reserve.  This truly magnificent design and technology slowly applies water directly to the soil only when necessary.  This smart technology allows us to reduce water waste, because this is just something that’s too good to go to waste.