SupPlant Receives Innovation Award

SupPlant has received numerous accolades in their short history, but none as important as the 2018 New Product Innovation Award from Frost & Sullivan.  For over five decades, Frost & Sullivan has become world-renowned for its role in helping investors, corporate leaders and governments navigate economic changes and identify disruptive technologies and Mega Trends.


In addition to their primary consulting business, Frost & Sullivan’s global team of analysts and consultants continuously research and identify companies that have successfully introduced new and innovative products.  Against the backdrop of this research, Frost & Sullivan recognized SupPlant as the New Product Innovation leader in the smart irrigation technology.


Quoting from the award, SupPlant’s “…dedication to technical innovation enabled the development of its solutions called Growth-Based Irrigation (GBI) and Big Data based irrigation (BDI).  The GBI fits squarely with the trends and challenges outlined in Frost & Sullivan’s research, including the use of sensors in the field to generate big-data, which is the process of using machine-learning to generate precision irrigation.”


SupPlant achieves optimal results by deploying a rage of sensors to measure soil moisture and salinity; another set of sensors focuses on climate and captures data on wind, radiation, humidity, temperature, and precipitation; the third set of sensors are placed on the plant itself and monitors the fruits and the stems or trunks of the plants. The data collected by the sensors are transferred to SupPlant’s cloud where proprietary algorithms calculate the exact amount of water the plants need and the optimal timing of irrigation, to achieve optimal results.


The bottom line?  “The BDI method and technology can allow SupPlant today to implement behavior patterns of its autonomous irrigation systems for the same crops in other parts of the world, enabling almost every region with a minimal amount of GBI systems per crop to save water and on a national scale.”  To put that in simpler terms, the data collected through the vigorous use of sensors (GBI) combined with similar data collected from SupPlant projects across the globe (BDI) is combined with artificial intelligence to guide farmers towards lower water use and larger crops.


SupPlant is the first app that manages irrigation autonomously on scientific growing information without any actions needed by the farmer.  SupPlant supports its users with a team of agronomists and scientists who provide the growers with detailed reports to help them increase their yield.


Currently operating in Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Israel, South Africa, India, the U.S., Panama, Spain, Argentina, Australia…  at this point it might be easier to list the countries SupPlant isn’t working in.  SupPlant is in discussions with the World Bank and national governments to expand the world-wide use of their system.  SupPlant is very proud of this award and they should be.  Their work and technological innovation in the realm of what they call “precision agriculture” and autonomous irrigation is changing the face of farming.

To see a video describing the overall SupPlant technology click HERE.  And to see a video on how SupPlant talks to plants around the world click HERE

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