SNF one-on-one interview series: Jorge Gonzalez Agricultural Production Manager

SN: What is your position with Simply Natural?

Agricultural Production Manager

SN:  Jorge, thanks for your time today.  Let’s start with your responsibilities at Simply Natural.

Well, among my responsibilities I establish, together with the advisors, the agronomic and operational management of our technical and agricultural projects.  The development of work programs, technology packages and budgets of for the different crops.  I provide general supervision for all of our farms and projects.  Also, I am in charge of the nurseries, greenhouses, packing plant, industrial mechanical workshop and farms.

SN:  And what is the teaching methodology for our student training program?

The teaching methodology promoted by Simply Natural Farms, seeks to detect and train new leaders with a professional future using a “hands-on” approach in order to develop both technical and leadership skills on for these students in Technical and Professional Institutes (IPTs).

SN:  What do you like most about working with these students?

The enthusiasm with which the students assume this challenge is gratifying and how they value this experience.  In addition, the opportunity of acquiring general knowledge in agribusiness in modern production technologies, gives this program an extraordinary value for the professional and personal training of students.  The job in the company, whether on the farm, nurseries, greenhouses or offices, helps to forge their character and teaches them to value the effort of each worker and to understand that every team member is important in order to achieve the company’s objectives.

SN:  What areas of knowledge you have observed need more reinforcement in students?

Today it is easier to instruct students in technical subjects, which is one of the pillars of our training program.  However, the most challenging job is to develop in them characteristics of leadership, responsibility and commitment. We don’t just teach them to do a job, but to do it in the best way.  It is not about being the best, but about doing things well, about responsibility, doing things with passion and conviction.  They are young people and it would be great to be able to work and reinforce these aspects with them, which will be of great value for their future.

SN:  As an employer, what are the challenges you encounter when hiring a young graduate?

The main challenge is the lack of experience, which slows the learning process, but which in the end becomes an opportunity, as it allows us to train new workers with the values, attitudes and skills that we want to develop in them.

SN:  How do you expect this to have an impact on the professional life of these young people?

For many it is their first job experience, and I know that in some cases, what they have seen within the company will help them take better decisions about their future.  Not only that, but the real-world experiences they had is something few have before graduating.

SN: Based on your experience, what are the key skills that any professional in agribusiness needs?

The passion, the commitment and the desire to do things the right way.  Willingness to commit to lifelong learning; to value the possibilities that life brings and feel affinity and enthusiasm for what you do.

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