Panama National Commission of Water recognizes Simply Natural as an example for the agricultural sector

Los Olivos, Coclé Province, Panama – The Panama National Commission of Water (CONAGUA) has reached out to Simply Natural for assistance in replicating Simply Natural’s use of cutting-edge irrigation system technology to tackle Panama’s national water security challenges by reestablishing and reengineering all the water infrastructure for the country to serve farmers.

Working within the framework of the National Water Security Plan, the Panamanian government is continuing their ongoing efforts to meet these national objectives.  In July, Simply Natural Farms received the Director of the National Commission of Water (CONAGUA) Rafael Mezquita and Director of Water Resources Jorge Victoria.

“We are supporters of the kind of companies that innovate for the benefit of our country, like Simply Natural,” said Mr. Mezquita.

Director Mezquita and Director Victoria were shown the organic mango groves, the 20-acre greenhouse, plantain and banana fields and other facilities by Simply Natural President Alan Winstead.  Most importantly, they were provided extensive insights about our pumping station and irrigation systems that optimize water usage.  “This means a big leap to accomplish water optimization in the agricultural sector.  The technology and methods that Simply Natural has implemented are important because of the tecnification and water usage control,” said Mr. Mezquita.

Water usage laws in Panama were established in 1966 and define the consumption of water as social interest highlighting that its usage should guarantee public health, water conservation, and good management.  97.5% of our planet’s water is saltwater and desalinization is too expensive for developing countries.  That leaves only  2.5% of freshwater for irrigation and personal consumption.  Global water consumption is dramatically increasing due to a rising population, so water demand in the food sector is only set to increase.  For that reason, it is paramount for the agriculture industry to apply sustainable practices.

 “We can help the world save water on global scales while improving productivity & yields”

At Simply Natural we are committed to the sustainable usage of water to ensure a positive socio-economic impact with our state-of-the-art SupPlant irrigation system that utilizes complex technology to yield larger harvests while using much less water.  With sophisticated plant, soil and environmental sensing technology, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence algorithms, plant conditions are constantly monitored and provided precise, automated irrigation.  These critical decision-making tools utilized by the Simply Natural farm management team allows our closed-loop irrigation solution to provide a real-time response to our plants’ actual needs.

CONAGUA  is the Panamanian entity in charge of overseeing, guiding, coordinating and guaranteeing the development and implementation of the National Water Security Plan for 2015-2050.

Panama National Commission of Water recognizes Simply Natural as an example for the agricultural sectorMi Ambiente is the institution for conservation, protection and restoration of our environment as well as a participatory and sustainable approach of natural resources.

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