Agriculture Minister Declares Simply Natural Farms an Example for Panama

Los Olivos, Coclé Province, Panama – During a visit to the Simply Natural Farms plantation in Los Olivos today, Minister Augusto Valderrama of the Ministerio de Desarrollo Agropecuario (MIDA – the ministry of agricultural development) said that he is keenly interested in replicating the technology used by Simply Natural throughout the rest of Panama. 

Minister Valderrama was shown the organic mango groves, the 20-acre green house (the largest in Central America), plantain and banana fields and other facilities by Simply Natural President Alan Winstead and CEO Brian Angiuli.   

“The primary focus of the trip was on the application of our cutting edge, artificial intelligence drip irrigation system capable of analyzing data generated from crops through sensors and translate this data via sophisticated algorithms into irrigation commands,” said Mr. Winstead.  “Our SupPlant technology is already commercially used in 14 of the world’s largest markets, consistently reducing water usage by 30% and producing much higher crop yields,” he added. 

In addition, the processes used by AgVisors, Simply Natural’s land development and farm management subsidiary, were discussed.  The company has engineered processes and technologies that maximize the use of organic waste as fertilizer, and produces natural pesticides and fungicides that deliver high yield, superior quality crops that benefit both producer and consumer.  

“We are both honored and excited to host the new MIDA minister,” said Mr. Angiuli.  “The fact that he is visiting Simply Natural Farms so early in the new administration demonstrates a strong commitment to expanding the application of advanced agricultural technology.” 

Minister Valderrama holds a Bachelor ’s Degree in Economics from the University of Panama and an Executive Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the INCAE of Costa Rica.  In the last 20 years he has been Vice President and General Manager of the food division of Grupo Melo and previously held the portfolio of Minister of the Presidency.  He was administrative director of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury, general secretary of the Ministry of Labor. 

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