Regional International Organization for Agricultural Health and Simply Natural Farms entered into a cooperation partnership!

Simply Natural Farms and the Regional International Organization for Agricultural Health (OIRSA) entered into a cooperative partnership to provide their expertise in the field and financial assistance for the Simply Natural Training, Scholarship and Employment for Agricultural Students program for Professional and Technical Institute (IPT) participants.  Simply Natural is very excited to be one step closer to providing quality education for Panamanian agricultural students by strengthening our global partnership for sustainable development!  

Students who participate in the six-week program will receive hands-on training Monday through Friday at one of Simply Natural Farms four plantations from the technical staff of AgVisors, the farm management subsidiary of Simply Natural.  On Saturdays, they will receive instructions in a classroom setting, including one session on agricultural sanitation practices in Panama and the world, taught by OIRSA staff. Additional topics include leadership, farm management, global market and more. In terms of food safety, OIRSA supports the implementation of quality control programs and good practices in food production through the training of human resources, technical assistance and inspection visits.  It also promotes food traceability programs that guarantee quality throughout all its processes in the production chain and facilitate access to the main international markets.

The entire Training, Scholarship and Employment for Agricultural Students program consists of four phases.  The initial phase consists of educational tours at the Simply Natural facilities, which was completed in June.  The students selected for the second phase will start the 6-week training program.  During the third phase, those who meet the academic requirements will receive a job offer from AgVisors.  In the last phase, based on their job performance, they may be awarded scholarships from the OTEIMA Technical University and later on, may qualify for masters, post-graduate and doctorate scholarships provided by the National Secretariat of Science and Technology of Panama (SENACYT).   

Founded in 1953, OIRSA is an intergovernmental institution specialized in the areas of animal health, plant health, quarantine services and food safety.  Focused on guaranteeing healthy and safe food production, OIRSA provides assistance for projects centered on agricultural health, food safety and facilitation of agricultural trade.  Member countries include Belize, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and Panama.

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